Lesion removals

People often have various lesions on their skin that they dislike and wish to have removed.  These lesions can include large skin tags, seborrheic keratoses, and other non-malignant "moles".  This may also include benign lumps under the skin, such as lipomas, sebaceous cysts, and wens (lumps commonly found in the scalp).  When a lesion is being removed for cosmetic reasons only, it is not covered by Medicare. 

If there are any lesions that are suspicious for a form of skin cancer, or look to be pre-cancerous in nature, the cost of removal of the lesion is covered by Medicare. 

While Dr. Carmichael does offer to refer to a specialist for removal of any skin lesions, she also offers the service in her office.  For all lesion removals, both cosmetic and medical in nature, there is a $150 tray fee charged.  This covers the cost of supplies and sterilization of equipment.  For cosmetic lesions, there is an additional charge for the acutal procedure itself:  $150 for the first lesion, and $50 for each additional lesion.