There are a number of different immunizations (or vaccinations) that people may require over their lifetime.  Some are part of the province's routine immunization program, and these are primarily given in childhood and school-age years.  Other vaccines are required for travel to exotic destinations. 

Dr. Carmichael and her nurse provide all childhood immunizations up until entry into school.  At that point, subsequent vaccinations are generally done by a Public Health Nurse in the school itself.  Adults are entilted to various boosters, including tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis, and these are provided in Dr. Carmichael's office. 

Dr. Carmichael also offers a flu-shot clinic every year, and encourages all people over the age of 65 to receive a pneumonia vaccine. 

There are a number of other vaccinations that are available, and may be vital depending on your risks and travel plans.  If you are travelling outside of Canada, you should visit the Health Canada Website to learn which vaccines are required for your destination.  These vaccines must be purchased out of pocket, and can be administered for a fee at various pharmacies and travel clinics.  Dr. Carmichael administers these vaccines at a cost of $25 per visit.