Dr. Carmichael has full admitting privledges at the Dr. Everett Chalmer's Regional Hospital in Fredericton.  She is in a call group with 8 other physicians.  Unlike some call groups, Dr. Carmichael's group follows a "hospitalist model".  This means that each physician in the call group takes turns caring for all of the various admitted patients of all members of the call group for one week at a time.  What this means for patients is that they may not acutally have their own family physician caring for them if they are admitted to hospital, but will end up being seen by the "on call physician".  By following this model, each of the physicians does not have to go to the hospital on a daily basis to do rounds on patients.  This enables them to spend more time seeing patients in the office.  Rest assured that the physicians in the group communicate very well amongst each other to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.