Office Policies

Welcome to Dr. Paula Carmichael’s family practice. 

We do our best at Carmichael Healthcare to offer you quality and timely medical care.   We always try to leave time in our schedule to fit people in for emergencies that may arise.  Usually we are able to accommodate people within a few days for semi-urgent problems, and generally within 2 weeks for non-urgent issues.  We do ask that you are very specific with your needs when you contact the office so that we can book the appropriate amount of time for you appointment.  Because we are working on a limited time schedule, we ask that you limit your problem list to one or two items per visit. 

We strive to be efficient and run on time.  However, given the nature of family medicine, unexpected issues often arrive throughout the day.  Often certain health concerns that people have end up requiring more of the doctor’s time.  Sometimes patients try to discuss multiple issues or try to get seen during another family member’s appointment time.  While we appreciate that all your health concerns are important to you, respecting the doctor’s time by ensuring that you have your own appointment and limiting your concerns to the most pressing helps make the day run more smoothly. We understand that people do not like to be kept waiting.  Please help us keep your appointment on time. 

Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.  We offer a 10 minute grace period as we understand that unexpected things can cause you to run late.  If you have not arrived within that 10 minute grace period, we will consider you a “no show”, and you will not be seen.  We will reschedule you at a later time on a different day. 

Due to the volume of patients that we see, we are not able to call or contact you to remind you of your appointment time.  This is your responsibility.  If you need to cancel your appointment, we require 48 hours notice.  This allows us to offer your spot to someone else in need.  If you fail to provide adequate notice, or if you “no show” for your appointment, you will be charged $43.50.  We expect this fee to be paid promptly.  Failure to show up for more than 3 appointments indicates to us that you do not value our service, and may result in dismissal from the practice.

Your health is your responsibility.  This is particularly important in relation to your medications.  You should not leave it to the last minute to contact us regarding your prescriptions.  While we will always try to get you in as soon as possible, there are occasions where you may not be able to be seen immediately, and most medication refills are not true emergencies.  We advise you to plan ahead. 

Dr. Carmichael does not call in prescriptions.  If there are extenuating circumstances, there will be a $25 fee, and the refill will be for a limited quantity only.  You will need to make a follow-up appointment to receive more medication. 

There are a number of services that are not covered by Medicare.  Please view the Health Department page to view a complete list.  Physicians are not paid to complete insurance forms, and the responsibility for these fees usually falls to the patient.  Forms are charged by the page, and this rate is $50/page.  Legal letters start at $200, and will vary in cost depending on the length of time taken to prepare the letter and the content required.  The following is a list of some of the common things that are billed directly to the patient in the office:

• Skin tag and other “non-covered” lesion removals, including hand warts, treated with liquid nitrogen:  $25 per visit.
• Driver’s medicals:  $50
• Physicals required for any third party:  $50
• Lesion removal by excision:  $100 tray fee, and $100 lesion removal fee (for non-covered lesions); $50 for second and subsequent lesions on the same visit
• Rapid strep test:  $10
• Pregnancy test:  $10
• Non-covered immunizations (ie., Twinrix, Gardisil, other travel vaccinations):  $25 per visit

We accept cash and cheque only.  Receipts are always provided for any non-covered service.


We want to be your partner in your healthcare.  Your health is your responsibility.  We are here to guide you and help you achieve optimal health.  Ultimately, all choices and decisions are yours to make.  It is our job to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make the decision that is best for you.