Medical Aesthetics

04.26.17 @ 2:59pm

Dr. Paula Carmichael is pleased to announce that she will be offering services in Medical Aesthetics.  This will include neuromodulators (such as Botox), and hylauronic acid fillers.  Please call the office for more details!  

Run for the Cure 2013 Raffle

07.19.13 @ 11:07pm

Our office has once again decided to participate in Run for the Cure.  This year, as part of our fundraiser, we are having a raffle on a painting by Erma Carmichael, mother of dentist Dr. Stephen Carmichael.  Erma is a well known local painter in her resident town of North Syndey, Nova Scotia.  She volunteers her time teaching a painting class to the residents of the Northside Nursing Home.…

Birth Control Recall

04.10.13 @ 2:46pm

In case you have not been following the news, there has been a recall on one of the generic birth control pills.  Alysena, which is a generic form of Alesse, has been recalled.  There was apparently an error in packaging of their 28 day pill packs, wherein 2 weeks of sugar pills were inserted instead of only 1 week.  Please check your pills to see if you have received this brand from your drug…

Wait times

04.3.13 @ 9:58pm

For the past month, we have been asking all of our patients to take the time to read and sign our office policies.  I would like to thank everyone for doing this, and am pleased to say that I feel it is making a difference in how the office runs.  Prolonged wait times have always been a complaint in our office, and since we have started asking patients to read the policies, our waiting times…

Run for the Cure

12.2.12 @ 1:06am

Carmichael Healthcare participated in Run for the Cure this past September.  We are proud to announce that we raised almost $3000!  Thank you to all that came out and supported our fundraiser yard and bake sale, as well as to those that made donations.  We hope to raise even more money next year!