Family & General Dentistry

When Should My Child Have Their First Visit?

We are happy to see your child as soon as their first teeth form. This can be as early as 6 months of age. If you have a concern with your child’s developing teeth, please bring them in.  Most often we see children when they reach 3 years of age. At age 3, the first experience is designed to be very easy and fun; we give them a ride in the chair and a prize for being a good helper. We may or may not even look at their teeth. If they are ready and co-operative, we will, but we don't force anything. Usually we find that if they go away with a positive experience they won't be afraid to let us look next time.

Please, don’t forget – you need to start cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they appear in the mouth.

We have many approaches to your child's dental growth and development. Our goal is to head off any potential oral health problems before they occur. Through routine check-ups, we want to ensure that their teeth and gums stay healthy all through their formative years.


Most of us have fillings on the top surface of our back teeth because the deep grooves of the back teeth are difficult to clean.  A sealant fills in the deep grooves so they are easy to clean.
We seal the top of the tooth with bonding and a thin layer of permanent filling material. This type of sealant is extremely durable and lasts for years.
This is probably the single most beneficial procedure we do. If your child never gets a cavity, they will never have their old fillings crack and require crowns and/or root canals like most adults.